Cash Currency Counting Machine Value Counter L1500


  • Value mixed notes and off-sort counterfeits in 1 pass
  • Upgradable for new series notes and/or counterfeits
  • Active color LCD display (3.2”)
  • Full line CIS, IR, UV, FL, MG, MT detection

Cash Currency Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector in Dubai

Microfiche Technologies provides the most efficient features of an inexpensive Cash Counting Machine Dubai in our time. Our online shop gets the best recognition for a huge collection of products in every category and avant-garde features of the cash counting machine Value Counter L1500.

We have expertise and experiences in different functions of currency counting machines and how to use such machines in the most efficient manner. Our Value Counter L1500 is the most recommended 1.5 pocket value counter or counterfeit detector throughout the nation. This machine has the first-class functions to value mixed notes and off-sort fake notes in single pass.

This machine is upgradable for the upcoming series notes and counterfeits. All users of this Currency Counting Machine with Fake Detector these days save their priceless time and keep away from fake currencies. They make use of this machine as easy as possible.

There is an active colour LCD display with 3.2 inches size in this machine. The main attractions of this affordable Fake Note Detector Machine Dubai are full line CIS, MT, MG, FL, UV and IR detection. You can take note of overall features of this machine and appraise how this machine supports its users enhance the currency counting process efficiently.

Our friendly customer support team supports everyone who contacts us for enhancing their proficiency about the currency counting machine and how this machine supports users detect counterfeit currency notes and count original currency notes in the single pass. Almost every user of this machine nowadays suggests it for those who seek an efficient currency counting machine online.

Many banks and financial institutions throughout the nation in our time make use of this higher yet user-friendly currency counting machine. Regular users of this machine these days get a notable enhancement in their routine work and get rid of all problems associated with the fake currency notes.

We provide the most special features of an affordable currency counting machine. Every user of this advanced machine nowadays recommends our online shop for their friends who seek where to buy this premium machine online at the cheapest possible price.

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