Cross Cut Paper Shredder Mercury RDX1850 Cross Cut

Designed for a shared office of up to 20 users, this departmental Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into approx. 200 4x45mm cross cut pieces. It features Jam-Free technology with continuous sensing, takes up to 18 sheets at a time and fits up to 400 shredded sheets in recyclable bags enclosed in a pull-out frame for easy emptying. Cross cut P-3 security level.

  • UPC: 5028252061889
  • Colour: Black
  • Cut Type: Cross Cut
  • DIN Security Level: S3
  • Entry Width (mm): 250
  • Period of Warranty: 2 years
  • Security Level: P-3
  • SHRED SIZE: 4 x 45mm
  • Shred Speed (per minute): 5′
  • Shredder Type: Manual
  • Shredder Usage: Departmental Shredders
  • Dimensions: H634 x W480 x D367mm

The First-Class Cross Cut Paper Shredder Makes User Satisfied With the Best Result

Microfiche Technologies provides the most efficient cross cut paper shredder at a reasonable price. This paper shredder is rich in user-friendliness and other advanced elements. We provide the most special features of an affordable paper shredder online with an aim to make our customers happy at all times.

Users of our Mercury Cross Cut Paper Shredder RDX1850 nowadays are satisfied not only because the user-friendliness, but also the overall efficiency of this product. We get new customers from former customers who have successfully bought this paper shredder. This product enhances the overall security aspects of the office environment by shredding confidential documents into 200 cross cut pieces of size 4x45mm.

Jam-free technology in this paper shredder plays the most important role behind the most efficient functions. This machine takes up to eighteen sheets at a time for shredding into 400 shredded sheets. There is a pull-out frame in this machine. Thus, users of this machine can empty it almost immediately.

We sell and recommend this highly developed paper shredder for those who expect the cross cut p-3 security level. We describe about dimensions, shredder usage, type and speed, shred size, colour, DIN security level, UPC, cut type, entry width, security level P-3 and period of warranty of this product. You can make contact with us when you seek the best guidance for successfully investing in the right paper shredder. Our user-friendly online shop will assist you on time and make your advanced paper shredder shopping within your financial plan as expected.

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